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Who we are

ENERGIA consists of local people with great experience

ENERGIA is a Greek company based in Ioannina which was founded in 2008 and is active in the field of marketing and installation of energy saving projects with the sole aim of providing reliable, economical and safe applications in areas related to Energy projects and utilizing Renewable Energy Sources.

Energy saving

Energy House


Install a photovoltaic system

at affordable and attractive prices!

Having many years of experience in the field, we specialize in photovoltaic systems, whether they are autonomous photovoltaics without electricity supply, or interconnected systems such as photovoltaics (net metering) or photovoltaics for the sale of electricity. Our modern innovative photovoltaic systems cover your needs either for electricity or for investment projects.

In addition, the company ENERGIA meets the needs for heating / cooling with the most innovative systems and economical ways, with high degrees of efficiency for maximum efficiency and energy savings.

ENERGIA offers the possibility of rational utilization of energy resources, covering a wide range of energy needs of users based on two main axes:

ENERGIA offers the possibility of rational utilization of energy resources, covering a wide range of energy needs of users based on two main axes:

RES electricity generation systems and


The power of energy is in your hands.

At ENERGIA, innovation is a dynamic concept that is successfully expressed, adapted and applied in the favorable environment of Greece for the development and utilization of alternative forms of energy. Wind turbines, heat pumps, photovoltaic systems, find an immediate response in businesses and homes and enable any individual or professional to drastically reduce their electricity bills.

First choice

Our ideas and solutions for a better and sustainable environment and future shape packages that serve the individual needs of consumers. Affordable and attractive prices, combined with the quality and services offered, make ENERGIA the first choice in the consciousness and appreciation of our customers in the new energy saving technologies.

The reliability of the company ENERGIA was confirmed with its participation in the construction and development of the first wind farm in Epirus in 2015 with a capacity of 2.2 MWatt as well as with the implementation of projects over 50 MWatt.

Reasonable prices

High quality

Continuous staff training

Our people are our strength

The company ENERGIA in a modern working environment, is staffed by an excellently trained human resources of university education, with many years of experience and success in the field of electromechanical installations as well as economic and technical studies. At ENERGIA, continuous training and updating of its potential in terms of innovation and adaptation to the constantly evolving energy market is one of its main competitive advantages.

For this reason, the company systematically offers a series of training programs and seminars to all departments of its staff, thus ensuring the high level of specialization of its employees. ENERGIA’s perfect cooperation with companies in the field of energy applications such as Q-Cells, Longi, Risen, Huawei, Fronius, SMA, Alumil, Exalco, Nibe, Vaillant, LG, also gives it the opportunity of a fruitful and creative career in the field. production, marketing and energy saving.